A few words for our
English-speaking readers
By Beppe Colli
Nov. 26, 2002

CloudsandClocks is a non-commercial web magazine about music and culture. It will be updated everytime we have something to say - and the time to say it.

Since it's deliberately non-commercial, there are no advertisements in any shape or form - be it banners, pop-ups, pop-unders and the like - nor there will be. Read my lips: "No ads".

CloudsandClocks beams up - rather proudly, albeit a bit precariously - from Italy. And yes, Italy is not the first country that comes to mind when it comes to music criticism - be it "rock" or otherwise. This, I believe, has a lot more to do with language barriers than with a general lack of quality. In fact, more than a few (definitely left-of-center) musicians have done some of their most extensive interviews here, but things that were said never escaped the linguistic black hole.

So, bravely risking ridicule (you know, things such as bad grammar and the like) we've decided to upload as much material as possible in a form that's easily accessible to as many people as possible (look for some archival interviews in the coming months).

This is as good a time as any to state some points:

Use that "contact" button very sparingly - and judiciously. We'll be delighted to read your comments. Feedback we care about. Spamming, we don't - and we'll do as much as possible to make any spammer's life extremely miserable.

Please, don't send any unsolicited material - it'll go straight into the dustbin.

The same is also true when it comes to pictures, songs, news about upcoming tours and CD releases and attachments of any sort.

Ha! All material is copyrighted by their respective writers. Quoting from one of our pieces is of course permitted - provided details about the authors and the source are given in full. Linking to a piece is permitted. However, appropriation of a whole piece is definitely not.

CloudsandClocks.net | Nov. 26, 2002